Life Lessons Learned Lately

Karin Conway

Life Lessons Learned Lately

On the eve of my “24”nd birthday I reflect on a few things I have learned lately. I thought I had enough lessons learned…but apparently not! I needed a few more to really hit rock bottom and wake me up on a few things. Some people never learn until they’re forced to…guess I’m one of them.

I am starting fresh as a young (although somewhat dyslexic) adult looking to make an impact on the world.

Pay attention to your energy!

Focus your energy on things that make you smile. Don’t hang around with people who suck your energy. If you spend all day thinking about what could go wrong, it will go wrong.

Listen to your gut instinct (and other people’s).

When everyone around you is saying “something’s not right about that guy” you might want to listen up and investigate why so many other people get a weird feeling. What are you not aware of and why are you blocking this out?

Don’t push, force, fight…instead breathe, listen, observe.

Nothing good comes when you have to force it. Let the best possible outcome happen naturally. Go with the flow of natural energy.

Pay attention to your body.

It will give you cues when its time to slow down or stop. If you don’t listen it will stop you. This could show up as a new diagnosis or a debilitating pain. Stop and listen to what your body is telling you. You only get one body to walk around in during this lifetime, so take care of it and it will serve you well.

Share with those you care about.

People respect those that respect them enough to let them know what’s up.  Be brutally honest and open with people and see how they react. I have had very positive response to being very open and sharing heart-felt information.

Learn to Ask for Help

I’m no expert here, since this is very new to me, but I have noticed that people do care and when you are really in need and reach out, they help you just when you need it.  Don’t be too proud, stubborn, or just plain dumb and insist on being so independent that you can’t accept help from your friends.

Please comment and add on any additional lessons you’ve experienced. I’m curious to see what else I missed.

3 Responses to “Life Lessons Learned Lately”
  1. Awesome post, Karin! Sending you much love and many hugs.

  2. David Kocol says:

    Great Post. Good insights!

  3. Wilson Laku says:

    Good to see ya!

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